Our Course Descriptions

Our Preschool Classes for 3 & 4 year olds are designed to help your child develop a fondness for dance and build a foundation for future learning. This hour-long class meets once per week September through June and consists of 30 minutes of Ballet and 30 minutes of Tap.  The songs we sing, the steps we teach, the activities we explore and the exercises we do are all geared to the pre-school learning level. Our classes stress the importance of warming up the muscles before beginning any form of exercise. The discipline of Ballet is introduced in various forms, including fun exercises and imaginative role play. Graceful arm movements, balance, learning right from left, rhythm & coordination are also part of the class.  The Tap portion of the class teaches young students the most basic Tap steps and is designed to prepare children for the Tap levels to follow as they grow.

All Preschool Classes perform in our June recital. Students must be three years old by October 1st and potty trained in order to enroll.

Ballet is a classical dance form that provides a strong foundation for many styles of dance. It focuses on developing correct dance technique, posture, body alignment, control, and flexibility. The art of ballet helps build self-discipline and provides the building blocks and technique needed for many styles of dance.

Tap is a percussive dance style that focuses on rhythm and sound. In class, dancers work on timing, clarity, balance, coordination and intricate rhythms.

Jazz dance is a fun, fast-paced dance style that promotes physicality, style, and strong technique. It has a wide range of styles and interpretations and class is always high energy and upbeat!

Lyrical is a popular style of dance that combines Ballet and Jazz technique and is expressive in nature.

Hip Hop is a high-energy and fast-paced dance style that draws from dance styles created on the streets. It involves dance moves and music popular in today’s world.

Musical Theater classes combine Jazz dance and Acting while exploring the vast and rich world of musical theater. Students will learn Jazz technique mixed with acting activities and Broadway music.

Similar to the floor skills of Gymnastics, Acrobatics (or Acro for short) is a high-energy performing art that focuses on strength, stretch, and balance. Basic acrobatics includes back bends, cartwheels, hand stands/head stands, rolls, walkovers, hand springs, aerial tricks, and more depending on the level of the dancer.

Contemporary is an expressive and artistic dance form that combines elements of Ballet, Lyrical, and Modern Dance.

Pointe is appropriate when a student is ready to graduate to hard shoes and dance on the points of their feet. It takes years of preparation to graduate to this level. Students who are qualified are able to take Pointe only after age 12, or when the growth plates in their feet have stopped growing. Heartbeat teachers will evaluate each student to determine when she is ready for Pointe. There is a requirement of at least two Ballet classes per week in order for a student to take Pointe.Dance Attire: Black leotard, black skirt or tight-fitting black shorts, pink or tan tights, pink Pointe shoes.

From time to time we offer Adult Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop.  Send an email to dance@heartbeatdance.com if you are interested!

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