Heartbeat Dance Center is dedicated to instilling a love of dance in each student, while teaching teamwork, dedication, integrity, and an overall love of learning in a positive environment. Heartbeat is committed to providing a high quality, well-rounded, and safe dance education for students of all ages in all major styles of dance while motivating them to pursue their goals.

At Heartbeat, we support dancers of every level of involvement; from recreational dancers, to competitive dancers, to dancers hoping to pursue a career in the performing arts, we instill in all of our students the valuable qualities and lessons that they will take with them into every aspect of their lives to succeed in any field they pursue.

“We LOVE Heartbeat!!! Our oldest has been dancing for 5 years and we just got the little one started! All of the teachers are very patient and incredibly kind!

-Parent of 2 HDC dancers

“Excellent dance studio for competition and recreational dancers. Great balance between intensity and fun. Friendly and knowledgeable teachers & staff.”

-Parent of 2 HDC dancers

“My daughter loves coming here each week! All of the teachers always greet us with a huge smile and there’s nothing but encouragement heard coming out of each classroom!”

-HDC Parent

“I don’t take the classes, but I sure do see the results!! The joy and excitement that dance brings to my daughters’ faces is the result of the teachers that put it there.  Thank you all for that gift.”

-Parent of 2 HDC dancers

“I am so grateful to have my amazing Heartbeat teachers everyday!!! It is so nice being in an environment full of people who not only believe in us but care about us!  Coming to dance is what gets me through the day and the Heartbeat staff helps make it even better.  Love you all!!!”

-HDC dancer

So so lucky to have wonderful teachers at Heartbeat!  All of you push me to do my best, give me amazing opportunities, and making dance so much fun! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.”

-HDC dancer

“EVERY Heartbeat teacher is amazing!! All always love to spread their love of dance and always make classes so so fun!!!!”

-HDC dancer

“The magic we see when our kids are on stage could never be possible without your time, hard work, dedication, and creativity. Thank you all!”

-Parent of HDC dancer