Our Staff

Joanne Baldini began dancing at the age of three and has been a respected choreographer and dance teacher for over thirty years. Joanne’s early training began in her hometown of Garfield, NJ. She studied under Dotty Locker and then at the age of ten began dancing at the Niki Simon School of Dance. There she danced under the expert direction of Niki Simon and Bobby Seppentino.

At age eleven she performed in the Milliken Industrial Show at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC and began a modeling career. Throughout her teen years, she performed in commercials, soap operas and movies. She also continued to study dance at the New Jersey School of Ballet under Carolyn Clark and Evee Lynn. Her love of children and dance brought her into the world of teaching, and in 1990 she and her daughter Danielle opened their own studio . . . . Heartbeat Dance Center. Twenty-eight years and thousands of students later, Miss Joanne is still doing what she loves to do most . . . DANCING!


Heartbeat Dance Instructors:
We select our faculty carefully to ensure that our students receive the same high quality of instruction in all classes. Our teachers are encouraged and required to continue their dance education, maintaining their own flexibility and performance levels, and learning new techniques and styles for use in their classes.

Suzie Messer, Assistant Dance Director
Monika Aimova
Sabrina Coe
Sue Forshay
Corinne Hughes
Alyson Jusko
Brielle Kraus
Cassidy Kraus
Carolyn O’Leary
Melissa Reardon
Michelle Riveron
Christine Rossiello
Moira Ryan
Danielle Terreri
Amanda Tomasello
Elissa Verso
Ashley Wiedow

Guest Faculty
Mikaila Fargnoli
Allana Mariano
Robert Moses
Shauna Sorenson
Juliana Ventimiglia
Daniel Vaniska

Heartbeat Office Staff:
Carol Grice
Dolly Kopec
Marilyn Paradiso
Sharon Quinn
Christine Rossiello

A Place where Children Learn to Dance from the Heart